Mayor Cutie's Big Break

Joplin Season 2, Ep 8 08/03/2016 Views: 1,020

Lillian and Beatrice listen to their collaboration with ragtime composer Scott Joplin, but they're shocked when the final product doesn't feature their vocals at all. (1:21)

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- Today's the day.

Joplin's team dropped offan advance pressing of our song,

and I just knowthat "Baked Alaska"

is going to shoot us to stardomand into America's hearts.

I would like to takethis opportunity

to say goodbye to all of you.

Some of you I've never liked,

although I've kept it to myselfin the interest propriety.

- You constantly tell meyou hate me.

- Some of youI wish I'd known better.

But mostly I've accepted youas a necessary part of my life,

but I'll thank youto not ask me for any favors.


I cannot wait for the pink fogof fame to wash over me,

and then I'll truly never die.

- I can't wait to never die.

[Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" playing]

- Here it is.

[ragtime piano music]

- I thought we were supposedto be singing.


[dog barking]

My voice sounds weird.

- Idiot!That's not us.

That's Mayor Cutie!

- [laughing]- Are you sure?

This dog sounds like ithas a Jamaican accent.

- Someone thought it would bea good idea to go solo

and leave the rest of usin the dust.

- [growling]- You selfish bitch.

You never loved me.

All you loved is yourself!

And chicken.

- [growls]