Deon Cole - Cold Peanut Butter - Uncensored

Deon Cole: Cole Blooded Seminar Season 1, Ep 1 06/25/2016 Views: 6,248

Deon Cole wanted to tape his special in Washington, D.C., while there was still a black president in office -- and so he could enjoy the city's especially attractive women. (1:45)

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I had to come out here in D.C.and get it popping, baby.

That's right.

[cheers and applause]

I had to, man, 'cause it'sObama's last year in office,

and I just wantedto come to Capitol Hill

and be close to somehistoric shit, you know?

And plus, we ain't gonna seeanother black president forever.

Oh, no, that's--that's over with.

Don't even--no,

that ain't nevergonna happen again.

All them back-to-backblack T-shirts you made,

you might as wellburn them motherfuckers.

You're not gonna see Obama

leaning against some otherblack dude back like...

That ain't happening.

Plus, I wantedto come out here

'cause D.C. got so manythick-ass women.

[women scream]


Y'all got somethick women here.

And it's not--it's notthat ordinary thick.

It's like unusually thick,

like a concerned thick.

I was walking around today.

Saw this girl, thickest--

thicker than a motherfucker,

thicker than cold peanut butter.

I'ma let that marinatefor a minute.

Cold peanut butterthick as hell.

You ever try to spreadcold peanut butter?

You'll tear your bread up.

You're like "Ehh-ah!


Give me another slice."