Unpleasant Truths

Unpleasant Truths Season 1, Ep 7 06/11/2013 Views: 21,993

Psychiatrist Amy is initially optimistic about her group therapy session, but she is quickly overwhelmed by her patients' relationship issues. (5:06)

for coming in today.

Uh, group therapy, I know it canmake men a little uncomfortable.

But I guarantee you

your communicationskills will improve.

Well, why don't westart with you, David.

Um, okay.

So I know Lisa--that's my wife.

Um... she thinks we justhit a bump in our marriage

but the thingis, um...

for the lastfew years

I've had a secretfamily in Tampa.

It sounds bad.

David, there areno judgments here.

That must bevery painful

for you to havea secret from your wife.

It's the worst.

Have you given anythought to a remedy?

Well, yeah, I wasthinking, um...

maybe going on a sunset boatride for our anniversary?

Take her out inthe open ocean,

drug her,

throw her in thewater so she drowns.

Okay, okay,okay, okay.

How do we-- uh, what do--how 'bout we say for now

that you do nothing?

Well, it's not fora couple months.

Okay, good, so...

So don't do anything--do nothing.

Uh, and, uh, Ben.

Do you have a share?

My deal is a few monthsago I told my wife

I was going ona business trip.

But in truth,

I went on a two-month sextour of sub-Sahara Africa.

So that.

How do you feel?

How do you feel aboutthat, how do you feel?

Honestly... great.

That was the best trip I evertook in my life, hands down.

If you ever getthe chance to go...


Is it expensive?

Yeah, it's crazyexpensive...

Okay, okay, well,that'll be interesting

for us to researchon our own.

Oh, yeah, all right, so,

as a result ofmy trip now

I'm in a ton of debt.

I'm hiding itfrom Karen

and I just don't even knowhow to bring it up to her.

That's a difficultconversation to have.

Maybe we couldall brainstorm

some solutionstogether.

Oh, well, I was kinda morethinking, you know,

probably just chop herup in little pieces

and drain herbank account.

Okay, uh, youknow what,

I wanna just pausehere, uh...

Um, first of all,

no one feel any pressure tounload everything... today.

It's the first day.

And then also, um, maybeas a group we can...

we can come upwith, uh...

with a solutionto Ben's issues

that don't involvehim murdering Karen.

Um... he can hiresomebody to kill Karen?


Great, okay.

I didn't eventhink of that.

Um, you know what--how about...

Let's all worktogether here

and come up withsome solutions,

uh... where wecan keep Karen



Oh, what ifI bury her alive?

Okay, that-- no.

Just kind of likemeeting halfway.

At the end of that,she would still be dead.


Sebastian, we haven'theard from you, yet.

So, I've been playingfantasy football

with this same group ofguys for years now.

But, uh, my wife,Darflin, she nags me

for spending somuch time on it.

I just wish she couldunderstand that that's just

time I'm using tolike zone out.

Have you triedexpressing to your wife

that's just time that youneed to decompress?

I don't know.

But, and the otherpart of it is

last weekend I fucked all theguys in the fantasy league

and I never usedany protection

like... at all.

And... we dideverything.

Um, you are, uh,I think you're putting

Darfla's healthat stake.

It's Darflin.

Darflin's healthat stake.

You're kind of obligatedto tell her.

I know that on paper, that--that's the right thing to do

but you just have no ideahow high-strung she is.

I really think thebest thing to do

is just sneak up behindher and break her neck.

Okay, okay.

Is it really easierto kill her

than it would beto just talk to her?


Well, yeah, 'causeI think, if I, if I,

if I told her it wouldprobably kill her anyway.

Babe, are youready or what?

I told you 8:00.

Yeah, but I'mhungry now.

Ten minutes.

Can't we justwrap it up?

Go to the car.

How much longercan these guys

talk abouttheir feelings.

Get in thefucking car.Let's go.

You get in the car.

Chop, chop,come on.Close the door.

Close the door.

( door shuts )

I'm so sorry aboutthat everyone.

Sometimes, I don'tknow what to do.

Well, you could slowly poisonhim over time or something.

Yeah, it'll just looklike he got sick.Yeah.

Or-- off of whatDavid just said,

uh, you go on ahiking trip, right?

Then when hefalls asleep,

you shoot himwith a gun

that you got offthe Mexican internet.

They have theirown internet?

Yeah, it's mostlyjust for guns.

But, uh... it'suntraceable.

It's not hard, I got thenumber if you want it.

Yeah, I'd lovethe number.