Between the Scenes - Donald Trump's "Basket of Deplorables"

September 12, 2016 - T.I. 09/12/2016 Views: 10,440

Trevor takes issue with Hillary Clinton's claim that half of Donald Trump's supporters comprise a "basket of deplorables." (0:36)

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- Basket of deplorables.

(audience laughter)

I think it was mostly offensive

because she said basket, that's why.

(audience laughter)

It's not about the deplorables,

just being in a basket is not a cool thing.

(audience laughter)

Like if you said basket to me,

I get offended automatically, I don't even know why.

If you just said,

"I was walkin' down the road,

then this basket of black people called."

I'll be like, "Whoa!"

(audience laughter)


It's just the basket, that's all it is.

Yeah, if you said, "A tupperware of deplorables,"

we'll be like, "Yeah, whatever."

(audience laughter)

That way the deplorableness stays fresh.