Nick Vatterott - Drunk Girls on Halloween

Nick Vatterott Season 1, Ep 6 05/25/2012 Views: 3,833

Nick Vatterott unravels the thought process of a drunken woman crying on the phone in a Halloween costume. (2:26)

My favorite thing to do onHalloween. Oh my favorite...

watching the stuck-updrunk girls

come out cryingin their costumes.

Sometimes you got to wait twominutes, but one will come out.

And, uh, oh, it's so great.

They come out just like...

(mumbling incoherently)

"I don't even knowwhy I'm crying.


"I think I ran outof things to say,

"but still wanted the nightto revolve around me!

"Let me call Bethany;I'll see if she's crying.

"Oh, my God, Bethany,are you crying?

"Oh, my God, I'm crying, too!

"Yeah, I don't know why, either.

"Can you hold on? Okay.

"Do you have a cigarette?

"Oh, my God, thank you!

"Thank you so much...

"Thank you so much.

(sobbing):"You look cute...

"Guess who was at the bar.

"Mark was at the bar.

"It's so hard.

"Do you have a light?

"Yeah? What's back--What's backwards, huh?

"What's back...

"Oh, my God!

"Thank you!

"Thank you so much.

"Thank you so much...


"Cute shoes.


"And then I went overand I got him a rum and Coke,

"'cause you knowhow he likes rum and Cokes.

(sobbing):"I went over there,

"and then I walked overto where he was sitting.

"I didn't realizethat he was over there

"making out withsome other girl.

"And I'm just sitting thereholding two drinks,

dressed likea goddamn hamburger!"