Uncensored - Behind the Scenes - Gabe Liedman - Can You Believe This Worked Out?

Gabe Liedman Season 2, Ep 8 05/24/2013 Views: 3,070

Go behind the scenes with Gabe Liedman as he prepares for his episode of The Half Hour. (2:14)

EMCEE: Put your handstogether for Gabe Liedman.


It's been a really great year.


If I just get super-realwith you guys.

I've written for"Inside Amy Schumer,"

and also "Kroll Show."

Welcome to the livestreaming publicity wedding.

It feels really nice to bewriting for someone who I

actually know really well,and it's so inspiring.

It's like, we did it.

It's awesome.

[laughs nasally]Fantasy complete.

I opened for Nick Kroll ata straight-up synagogue,

and we did our stand-upon a bimah, which

is like the stagewhere the Torah lives.

And the last time I had beenup on bimah with a microphone

was my bar mitzvah,and it just, like,

completely flipped me out.

-So there are a couple timesthat he'll-- he'll yell.

Just FYI, so.

-There's a couple times.

You might reallyenjoy-- (YELLING)

the entire JonathanTaylor Thomas library!

(YELLING) And I don'tlike being lied to!


(YELLING) Why don't youwatch your fucking tone?

I remember one time complainingto Zack Galifianakis

that I thought my comedy careerwasn't going fast enough.

I don't know about you guys.

When I get drunk,I become perfect?

And at the time, Ithink I was like 27,

and I'd been doingit for a while.

And he was like, when I was27, I was cleaning the floors

of a diner and I hadn't evenmoved to New York to start yet.

And that, like,sunk in immediately.

There's no timeline.

It takes forever.

All you have to do is begood at it and not quit.

I need to learn more.

I know that about myself.

I don't like any books!

If I had to write a memoirbased on my comedy career,

I would call it,"Can You Fucking

Believe This Worked Out?"

Does that make sense?


Good, you're with me.


I'm Gabe Liedman.


[music playing]