Exclusive - Ronny Chieng's Philly Food Tour

July 29, 2016 - Cory Booker 07/29/2016 Views: 949

While visiting Philadelphia for the DNC, Ronny Chieng takes time away from the event to sample city staples like cheesesteak sandwiches and a pork mash known as scrapple. (1:50)

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- [Voiceover] Philadelphia has everything.

The world's largest Planet Hollywood,

a garden made of trash,

and a museum for perverts.

But Philly's really known for its food,

so I started at ReadingTerminal Market.

The perfect place to pick up pig ears,

90 gallons of donut filling,

and scrapple.

Wait, what the fuck is scrapple?

- Scrapple is like,

I say it's all the good stuff.

It's pork livers, pork hearts.

- Are there balls?

- Oh no, none of those.

- Anus?

- No, none of that either.

- Brains.

- Brains, some.


- This is known as a Philly soft pretzel.

It's got a hard outsidebut a soft inside,

and so if you want to--

- Kind of like me.


What is Philadelphia known for?

- Cheesesteaks.

- Is there anythingPhiladelphia's known for

that won't give me diabetes?

- Food-wise?

- Sure.- No.

- You gotta have alittle bit of scrapple.

That will change your life.

- Really, because Ifeel like if I ate that,

it'll put me into a coma.

And then I would shit the mattress.

Yeah, do you anything that's low-carb?

- Uh, see what I could do for you.

- Is there oregano in this?

- Yes, there is.

- It's it's really nice.

- Here you go.

This is scrapple for you.

- Thanks, this is unbelievable.

No, I mean, I cannot believe I'm gonna try this.

- Some say you gotta eat ketchup,

some say you gotta eat it with maple syrup, whatever you--

- Which one gives meless explosive diarrhea?

- Maple syrup.

- Holy fucking shit, that's good.

Who knew pork balls were gonna be that fucking good?

It's been real Philadelphia,

but now it's time for my own convention

in the toilet.