Exclusive - Roy Wood Jr. - Leo Deblin Space College Pt. 4

Roy Wood Jr.: Father Figure Season 1, Ep 1 02/19/2017 Views: 998

If you're not one of the five people NASA picked to become an astronaut this year, sign up for Leo Deblin Space College and get off the planet. (0:57)

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Did you know that NASA onaverage.

Only chooses 5 people a year.

To become an Astronaught.

That's it...five!

Your ass ain't getting chose.

Get you a space job.

At Leo Deblin Space College.

Learn all the tools from me.

Astronaught of the year June 87.

If you got a CBR Driverslicence.

You can drive a Moon buggy.

Or if you selling Weed.

You can go ahead and getyourself a career in.

Space Trappi'n

Ain't nobody selling Cocaine onthe Moon.

You could be first!.

Ain't but a six week course.

Financial assistance to all whoqualify.

It ain't but $85.

You can get that fromyour Momma.

{singing} ♪ Leo Deblin SpaceCollege ♪

Exit 120 by the Fairgrounds.

Next to Little Cesaers.