Sinbad - Generational Differences

Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla Season 1, Ep 101 06/14/2014 Views: 20,044

Sinbad explains why his generation needs to die out before racism can end. (2:20)

it's got to be hard.

See, I think for allthis racism to end,

my generation has to die out.

We have seen too much.We're jacked up.

I'm 57.

My generation and above-- weare racist, sexist, ageist.

We are last dinosaur.

We're trying to be racist,but it's right here.

It's right here.

It's right here.

We try to talk right.

Man, these two--people not like me.

We try not to describerace, but we were raised

in a racialsituation in America.

Now, our kids are like this.

My kids-- kidswill freak you out.

Oh, come on, Dad.There's no more racism.


Drive your car 80 miles an hour.

And when they stop you, get outand say, "what's up, officer?"

Just get out and say,"what's up, officer?"

And find out.

That's why I'vetrained children--

I don't want you allto get this wrong.

I think there's money.

Because right now inAmerica, there's no jobs.

I tell young white cats.

You can make money as designatedwhite friend who rides with us.

Think about it.

If you ain't gotno money right now,

you're the white guythat sits in the car.

You sit in the passenger side.Police.

Who are with?

We're with Todd.

You all be careful.

Because when you ride withus, police are confused.

When brothers are drivingand there's a white dude

in the car like this--can you get out?

Get out.Get out.

Just run home.Run home, damnit.

But these are my boys.

Are you black?

No sir.

Because, you know, we'vegot so caught up in race

in this country we forgetnow it's class, it's money.

It's gone beyond race,because rich people hate

poor people whatevercolor they are.

Rich black people don't likepoor black people either.

You think I'm playin'?

When brothers and sistersmove to the suburbs and then

another black personmove in, oh, hell.

Oh, hell.

You're going tomess up everything.


Just go.