First! Lady - Melania Trump: Planet Earth's Final Lady

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 07/19/2016 Views: 182

In addition to Michelle Obama's words, Lauren Lapkus, Matt Besser and Dave Holmes guess who else Melania Trump may have cribbed from in her RNC speech. (2:13)

Last night's RNC speech fromBotox vampire Melania Trump was

monumentally important.

If Donald Trump is elected,she'd be America's first lady,

and possiblyplanet earth's final lady.

Unfortunately for her,

diligent Internet sleuthsdiscovered that she flat-out

ripped offa Michelle Obama speech.

Take a look.

The values that you work hardfor what you want in life.

Like you work hardfor what you want in life.

-That your word is your bond.-That your word is your bond.

And you do what you say.

That you dowhat you say you're gonna do.

-That you treat people... -Thatyou treat people with respect.

-...with dignity and respect.-They taught...

-Because we want our children-Because we want our children

-and all children in this nationto know -in this nation to know

-that the only limit-that the only limit

to the heightof your achievement

to your achievements

-is the reach of your dreams-is the strength of your dreams

and your willingnessto work hard for them.

and your willingnessto work for them.

Yeah! It...

-(applause and cheering)-Or no.

Actually, we didn't showthe whole thing.

Melania Trump's speechdoes divert

at the end where she goes,

-"Blah, blah!" Uh...-(laughter)

(like Sesame Street's Count):One. One monotone trophy wife.

-Two. Two monotone trophy wives.-(applause)

Three. Three monotonetrophy wives.

-(applause and cheering)-(laughing) -(thunder sound)

Oh, well, really.

She's the third.

She's also inexplicably cribbeda popular Internet meme.

Comedians, did she--A: Rickroll everyone?

B: Tell a heart-wrenching tale

about two girls forcedto share one cup?

C: Refer to lifein small-town Slovenia

as "Oppa Gangnam Style"?

-Dave Holmes.-She seems like a rickroller.

-I'm going with "A."-Let's find out. Let's find out.

MELANIA:He will never, ever give up.

And most importantly,

he will never,ever let you down.

-♪ Never gonna give you up -LAPKUS: Oh, my God. -Yeah.

-♪ Never gone let you down... -HOLMES: Here's the thing.

-Here's the thing.-Yeah. And by the way...

we do have to thank...we do have to thank Swog Blog,

who made this videoand put that all together.

-Dave, what were you gonna say?-Yeah. But here's the thing,

history has proven that he will run around and desert you.