Jeff Dunham - Crankenstein

Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters Season 1, Ep 1 10/07/2012 Views: 14,607

Walter demonstrates his happy sound, his angry sound and his surprised sound so that Jeff Dunham can keep them all straight. (1:57)

Aw, shut the hell up.

This is not my idea.

>> Good evening, Walter.

Do I look like Walter?

>> You look like aWalter Frankenstein.

>> Well, then,call me Crankenstein.

>> All right, Crankenstein.

You look good.

>> No, I don't.

I look like a crossbetween Hillary Clinton

and the Hulk.

(laughter)No offense, Hulk.


>> That's pretty good.

>> Yeah, I've beenworking on that.

(growls)That's my angry sound.


Here's my happy sound.

(weak grunt)

Here's "surprised."

(surprised grunt)Here's gay.

(effeminate grunt)

>> If you don't like

the costume,then why'd you pick this one?

>> We were supposed to dressas whatever scared us as a kid.

>> Oh, so for you,that was Frankenstein?

>> Actually, it wasa Catholic priest, but...

(laughter, applause)But...

everybody gets madwhen I offend the Mexicans.

(laughter, applause)(chuckles)

>> Walter, are you ever happy?

>> You should hope not.

>> Why?

>> Can you imagine mecoming out here in a good mood?

Hi, everybody.

I'm Walter, and life is peachy!

You'd be working at Starbucksin a (bleep) week.


>> Language.

>> English.