Uncensored - Brooks Wheelan - Crafty Homeless

South Beach Comedy Festival 2013 Season 1, Ep 7 04/20/2013 Views: 5,874

Brooks Wheelan does not like to get tricked by people without homes. (1:21)

-Uh, I'm from Iowa.

And when I tell anyone whoI've met out here that I'm

from Iowa, they're like,yeah, it looks like it.

I am sunburnt, man.

I've been hanging outat the beach all day.

I've quadrupled thenumber of real life boobs

I've seen in my life.

It's awesome.

And those dudes alllook really good.

They're all real strong dudes.

I saw-- you have a craftyhomeless people in Miami, too.

They're real crafty.

They all have ananimal of some kind.

And it's fun.

But I got tricked by one earliertoday, which was a first.

You know?

I don't really like toget tricked by people

without homes.

It's humbling when it happens.

But here's what happened-- Imade eye contact with a man.

Terrible idea-- first of all.

Don't do that.

And then a game of mindchess started between us.

I lost the game.

My goal in the game wasjust to go on with my day.

And his goal in the game wasto get me to see his dick.

And he won.

He crushed it, guys.

He knocked it out ofthe ballpark, actually.

He had a great checkmate move ofa frantic wave and then a point

at his dick.

That's all it takes.

Eye to eye with that thing, man.