Rocky Dale Davis - One Tough Boss

Birmingham Season 1, Ep 8 11/20/2016 Views: 1,635

When Rocky Dale Davis is miserable at work, he fantasizes about taking his frustrations out on his boss. (0:52)

Ever sit at your job andcontemplate slapping your bossjust one time? [laughs]

"Rocky, why haven't youfinished your work yet?

"'Cause you won'tlet me, Susan.

That's why."[laughter]

You ever sit at work and cry?

Like--like, clocking out,you start crying?

Like, "I hate thisplace so much.

"I could burn it down,and they would never know.

They would never know.I could do it, yeah."

The bad thing though is I'm afull-time stay-at-home son, so--

[laughter]- Yeah, yeah.

My ma's my boss, guys,if you didn't get that, yeah.

She tried to fire methe other day, but I went

to grandma's house,and that's management, okay?

That's the CEO of the company.Oh, yeah.

She started thisfrom the ground up, yeah.

Or the waist down, however youwant to look at it.