The Disastrous Rollout of Trump's Immigration Ban

January 31, 2017 - Anthony D. Romero 01/31/2017 Views: 109,576

President Trump dismisses acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she announced that she would not uphold his possibly unlawful ban on travel from Muslim-majority countries. (9:33)

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with all the peopletaking to the streets,

protesting against PresidentTrump's de facto Muslim ban,

a lot of folkshave been asking the question:

Where are the Democratsin all of this?

And why aren'tthey saying anything?

Well, last night, HouseDemocratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

at a rally in frontof the Supreme Court

helped us understand why.

Thank you very muchfor coming out

-to...-MAN: The sound's not working.

-Is the sound working?-(man speaks inaudibly)

-Got it? The sound working?-WOMAN: No. -MAN: No, no.

I can hear you.Can you hear us?

Can you hear now?

No, that doesn't do any good.(sniffs)

Does this work better? No.


Sound people?

Shall we sing"This Land Is Your Land" again

until they getthe sound working?

WOMAN:Go. "This Land Is Your Land."

-MAN: Go?-MAN 2: Yeah, sing it.

♪ This land is your land

♪ This land is my land...

♪ We are so (bleep) now

♪ This is a nightmare...

Is this thing working?

Is it? I'm talkingabout democracy as a whole.

-Is it working?-(laughter)

No? I didn't think so.

But yo, guys, that was apowerful address, it really was.

It reminded meof Martin Luther King's

"I have a bad mic" speech.

-(laughter)-I'll bet Mariah Carey was like,

"Yeah, Nancy,now try it on New Year's Eve.

"It's not so easy, is it!

-(cheering, applause)-I don't see you laughing now!"

Can I be honest, though?It's moments like this

that make me miss Obama.You know?

'Cause, like, I mean, I getthe song, but it's all folksy.

Like, remember when Obamawould break into song?

It was way cooler than that.Like, if Obama's mic went out,

he'd sing remix to "Ignition"

-or something like that,you know? -(laughter)

And-and you know what made thisNancy Pelosi thing even worse?

The reactionfrom some of the people

who were standing therewith her.

Is the sound working?

Yes? The sound working?

I can hear you.Can you hear us?

Is the sound working?

(man speaks indistinctly)


Oh. Oh, man.

I'm... I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I shouldn't...I shouldn't be laughing.

I'm... I'm sorry, it's rude ofme to make fun of the Democrats,

um, before givingthe president a chance.

NEWSMAN: President Trump tweeted, quote...

-(audience groans)-First of all, first of all,

can we just take a momentto acknowledge

the world we're now living in?

Because you realize...because Trump is a president,

this tweet is nowa government record.

-(laughter)-You understand that?

That means some guyat the Smithsonian

is preserving that tweetin plastic

next to the Gettysburg Address.

-That's what he's doing.-(laughter)

Kids are gonna haveto learn that someday in school.

You know,kids are gonna be like,

(like a child): "Four scoreand seven years ago...

but Fake Tears Chuck Schumer..."


By the way, what are Mexicans?

(laughter, groans)

Oh, yeah, it's coming.It's coming.

But it takes a certain lackof self-awareness

for Butterscotch Frog over hereto call the Democrats a mess

when he's made the West Wingseem less like an office

and more like Walmarton Black Friday.


And, like, and I'm talkingabout the year Blu-ray came out.

That (bleep) was insane.

Like, The Donaldis the last person

who should be callinganyone's situation a mess,

considering every single dayof his administration

has been a cluster (bleep).

-(cheering, applause)-Inauguration lies,

popular vote conspiracies,

cardboard cake,

forgetting to mention the Jewson Holocaust Remembrance Day,

and then this weekend,the disastrous implementation

of his immigrationand refugee ban.

Well, I mean, well, "disastrous"is one description of it.

Another wayyou could put it is...

It's working out very nicely.

You see it at the airports,you see it all over.

It's working out very nicely.

Okay, now...

now, either Trump's out of touch

or he's just managingour expectations.

He's like, "Oh, no, trust me,

"this worked way betterthan I thought it would.

-(laughter) -"Trust me, folks,these are the good times.

"Remember these times, okay?

These are the good times."

I actually feel likethe next four years of Trump

is gonna be him and his peoplesaying one thing

and us saying, "We have eyes."

TV REPORTER: That order signed Friday leading to instant chaos

and confusion at airports, at home and around the world.

TV REPORTER: Protests erupted at airports

all across the country.

TV REPORTER: It caught the Department

of Homeland Security, State Department,

and customs and border patrol flat-footed.

How do you see that...

How do you see that and thinkeverything's okay? How?

Either Trump's delusional

or his aides replacednews coverage

-with that scenefrom Love Actually. -♪

That's all he's watchingevery day.

Because that is not

what we've been living through,I'll tell you that now.

This entire thinghas been a mess.

And it's an unnecessary mess,by the way.

A completely unnecessary mess.

It's like Trump and his teamweren't even trying

to make this thing work.

There were reports that, beforesigning the executive order,

Trump blew off gettingany legal advice

from the departments of Justice,State, Defense,

or the NationalSecurity Council,

or even Siri.

Just ask Siri.

I bet she would have said,"You wanna do what?

Bitch, you crazy."

Anyone would have told you,if you just asked them.

Bitch, you crazy.

Which, by the way, is also whatfour federal judges

across the country saidabout the ban.

They were thereand they were, like,

-"My ruling is...-(cheering and applause)

My ruling is,bitch, you crazy."

Although they probably did itin Latin.

They were like, "Res ipsaloquitur, bitch."

(laughter, applause)

And last night, the cluster(bleep) crescendoed.

TV REPORTER: Breaking overnight,

President Trump fires the acting attorney general.

TV REPORTER: Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

sending a dramatic letter to department lawyers

saying she was not sure

President Trump's order was, quote, lawful.

TV REPORTER: In a matter of hours the president fired her.


He did it.

He did it... the first"you're fired,"

of the Trump administration.


Thank you, Jesus!

No, let's be honest.

That's the only partof Trump's presidency

we were looking forward to,that's the only part.

And the only part he wasqualified to do.

That's it, that's it, that's it.

I bet he walkedin o Yates' office,

and did it like,like that photo shoot.

Remember that photo shoot?

-(reporters shoutingindistinctly)

(Trump mouthing "you're fired")

-Are you ready?-REPORTER: Yeah, we're ready.

(Trump mouthing "you're fired")

(mouthing "you're fired")

-You ready?-(laughter)

Can you hear me?Is this thing on?

Is this Nancy Pelosi's mic?

I still don't understandwhy he does it silently.

But he did, that's him.

You're fired.

Please tell, please tell methat's exactly how he did it.

TV REPORTER: Sally Yates was told by hand-delivered letter

that Trump was dismissing her.

(audience reacts)

You-you gave her a letter?

The "you're fired" guy?

Dismissed someone by letter?

Donald Trump, that's your thing.

That's like if ArnoldSchwarzenegger was leaving,

and he was, like, "Farewell."


That's your thing.

Donald Trump firing peoplewas the only thing

we were looking forward toin a Trump presidency.

I bet there's some Trump voterswho only voted for that issue.

Yeah. Some voters out there arelike, "Screw this.

Bring in Mike Pence. That'sthe only reason I voted."

I don't know about you,that's why I voted illegally.

That's the only reasonI voted.

Otherwise, I would have votedfor Hillary.

-What a waste!-(cheering and applause)

I could have votedfor someone else.

(cheers and applause)

I mean, instead of beingembarrassed by Sally Yates,

an Obama holdover, who isleaving in a few days anyway,

Trump could have institutedthe ban in a few weeks,

when confederate hobbitJeff Sessions

would have been theattorney general.

Could have just waited.

It's no wonderthe whole thing's a mess.

Trump had all of the patienceof a toddler

who just ate his entire birthdaycake before the party.

Who are you?

You know...


You know, Trump's wholecampaign appeal

was that he'd run the countrylike a business.

Remember that? Rememberthat he said that?

He's going to run itlike a business.

And at the time, it seemed likea terrible idea

because it's a country,not a business.

But now I'm starting to wish

he would run itmore like a business.

Because what kind of businesswould launch a new product

without telling the restof the company about it,

without checking it with thelawyers, or most importantly,

worrying about how it wouldaffect their brand?

What kind of companywould do that?

It's not a comp--although, I guess,

Trump is, in a way,keeping his promise.

He may not be running the country like a business,

but he is running itlike his business.