Jim Gaffigan - The Last Supper & Annoying Phone Calls

The One with Betrayal Season 1, Ep 6 09/04/2014 Views: 60,893

Jim Gaffigan explains why The Last Supper wasn't just called "the last meeting." (1:36)

I mean sharing a meal withsomeone, that's intimacy.

That's why it was calledThe Last Supper and notthe last meeting.

You know? Jesus was trying toget 12 other guys together.

You know, there had to be foodthere.

You know, like-- Jesus was like,uh, tomorrow night, I want toget everyone together.

You know there was one apostlelike, "Is there gonna be foodthere?"

Yes, there'll be food.

Are we talking appetizersor entrees?

It'll be a supper.

So casual, I can wear a robe?Are you gonna wear a robe? I'llwear a robe if you wear a robe.

Jesus, he was in good shape,right? Jesus was in amazingshape!

Especially considering hecould multiply breadwhenever he wanted.

He was just like boom,pretzel bread, you know?

The Bible doesn't really specifywhat type of bread it was.

I imagine it was pretzel bread,right? It's like, boom, pretzelbread, boom, garlic knots.

Like if right now I multipliedgarlic knots up here...

you guys would be likemaybe he's god.

I know religion jokes make somepeople uncomfortable.

Especially the onesgoing to hell.

You ever get a phone call?That's annoying, right?

You'd better-- you'd better becalling to tell me your handsare chopped off.

It's like, "I just wanted tohear your voice, Daddy."

Buy my CD, right?