Byron Bowers - A Game of Nopoly - Uncensored

The One With the Improv Troupe Season 3, Ep 1 09/27/2016 Views: 1,326

Byron Bowers has revised Monopoly for the working class, and he invites an audience member onstage to test it out. (2:40)

I like "Monopoly"'cause you got a chance

to be, like,like, the 1%.

See what they live like.You know what I mean?

You could makeall this money and shit.

But I created something,you know what I mean?

For people in that lower class,that lower percent.

It's called "Nopoly," you know?


The hood edition.Look at that!

Almost like "Monopoly," but,you know, it's different.

You know what I mean?

You got Jail,but now they added Prison.

And instead of Free Parking,you go to Yo Mama House

'cause you always can kick itat your mama house.

Ain't no Community Chest

'cause ain't no communityin the hood.

It's every man for himself.

Got the top tenmost dangerous cities

to live inin the United States.

It's baller.

I'm gonna dosome rounds for y'all.

I need somebody.I need a volunteer.

You know what I mean?Come on up, brother.

Give this mana round of applause!

What's your name?- Josh.

- Josh?Nice to meet you, Josh.

Thank you for playing.

You get one die instead of somedice, 'cause in the hood,

you don't get many chancesto advance.


Now here's your character.

You're gonna bea nigga with a stick.

You know?

There right there.

And I'm gonna bea nigga with a stick.

Also, every time you roll,

you got to pick a chance card.- Okay.

- 'Cause when you from the hood,when you leave the house,

there's a chanceyou might not come back.

Let's do it!

Three!- Should I pick the card

and then do it,or move first?

- Move.Run! Run!



- "You were set upby the police,

go directly to jail."- Wow.

Welcome to the system,you know?

One.Richmond, California.

"You made a million dollarslegally."


- "But you didn't pay taxes,go directly to jail."


It's hard out here for pimp.

It's jail.Everybody get out of jail.

Detroit, Michigan.[exhales sharply]

- "You get out of jail,but you go back

because you're black."

- Dang.

This game is real,ain't it?



One, two, three,four, five.



"Bang!You got shot at a Bar Mitzvah."


"Shalom, nigga.You dead."


"You win."I win!