Sightseeing in Seattle

Jews and Samoans Rule Seattle Season 1, Ep 10 12/30/2013 Views: 785

Brody reconciles with the original Starbucks and then visits the apartment complex where the character of Brody Stevens was born. (2:11)

I'm looking for the originalStarbucks right now.

You know, becauseI caused problems.


At Starbucks.

You're gonna arrest me?No, no.

I want you to--

This is the original Starbucks.

I come back here to reconcile.

I made mistakes.I was aggressive.

I treated you like you shouldn'thave been treated.

I was out of control.

You startled baristas,you upset customers.

And I come back to Seattle,knowing that this is theoriginal location.

You're an original.I'm original.

I clean up after myselfin your restrooms.

I don't abuse your refillsystem.

I don't use the same cupall week.

I made a mistake.Please forgive me.

I'm not extending an olivebranch. I'm extending a coffeestirrer.

If you like to get in contactwith me, my Twitter handle is@Brodyismefriend

The Del Roy Apartments, therethey are. This is where I lived.

Del Roy apartments, I found it.I had a studio.

How much you think I paid rent?

$500? $600? $700? $300?

$400? $800? $750?

I paid $450. Yes!

This is where the characterBrody Stevens was born.

That's where it all happened.

That's where the Steven BrodyStevens character was refined,it was developed.

The windows are open, I'm gonnaclimb up. Son of a bitch.

Okay, I can't make it.

And that's my bathroom rightthere.

That's where I would go numberone, number two, masturbate.

And I would think that, well,can you see my silhouette whileI'm sitting on the toilet?

Fondling myself?I'll never know.

I was here as Steven Brody.I left as Brody Stevens.

And I have becomeSteven Brody Stevens.