One-Night Stand

Bad Decisions Season 1, Ep 1 04/30/2013 Views: 301,053

Amy develops an intense connection with a man she met the night before. (3:22)

All right, well.




Here's the craziestthing about last night.

Like his body just--

It felt like home.

Dude, does this tasteskunked to you ?


What does he do ?

Okay, we didnot get to that,

but according to Google,like finance, maybe.

What'd you get intolast night ?


Actually, I got kindof hammered.

God, I like,miss him.

I'm gonna text him.

Oh,you should wait.

No, the amazing thingis that we're not playing games.

Oh my God.( phone alert )

No idea whothat is.

How hard is it to opena joint checking account ?

And this is for youand your husband ?

Husband ?

I--I guess, I guess.

I have a feeling.


This is it.

This is mywedding cake.

This placeis perfect.

Unless he's Jewish.

Whatever, it's my day,right ?

You know what ?

There's one more thingI'd like to take a look at.

You know what ?

I just--I feel it.

I feel like Matt and I willjust be at peace here.



You know what ?

I'm gonna call my boo-boo,see what he's up to.

( phone ringing )

Hello ?


Just at the cemetery,thinking boutcha.

What are you thinkingfor tonight ?

I'm literallydown for whatever.

Who is this ?

Uh, it's Amy.

We--we hung out last night,I came back to your place.

Right, yeah.

Sorry, I thinkI'm gonna take a pass

on us seeing eachother again.

Did I wear a bag ?

What a dick !

Ma'am, shouldI stop digging ?



What's your name ?

My name's Charles.

Amy Charles.

Keep digging.