Raj Desai - Factually Correct Negative Ads

Season 3, Ep 0304 06/09/2007 Views: 29,725

Steve Westley didn't have the guts to call for a truce between Athens and Sparta during the Peloponnesian War! (1:18)

I don't know about you guys,but I really enjoy the election,

because it means

you'll get to seenegative campaign ads.

And those things arethe greatest thing in the world,

'cause they're always the same

and they're always stupid.

They always havethat same, like,

skeptical tattletalevoice-over guy, you know,

who's, like, uh,"Steve Westley said

"he was gonna do this...

"and then he didn't do it.

He's a smelly jerk."

And he probably is one

if he didn't dowhat he said he was gonna do.

And I read aboutone negative campaign ad

in the last election--this is totally true.

There was a womanrunning for office,

and they were, like,"Diane Buchanan

never sent her childrento public school."

But she doesn't haveany children.

She doesn't even have any.

And then...and then they were, like,

"Diane Buchanan didn't votefor Proposition 42

when she wason the school board."

But she wasn't evenon the school board

when that wasunder consideration.

So now they'rejust blaming people

for things that aretechnically accurate

but completely impossibleat the same time.

And that is a really good trend.

There should be more adslike that-- like, uh,

"Steve Westley didn't even havethe guts to call for a truce

"between Athens and Spartaduring the Peloponnesian War.

"And he didn't lift a fingerwhile the Black Plague

"ravaged early modern Europe.

Is this who you wantfor your governor?"