Breaking the Glass - Rise to the Top and Destroy All of Your Haters

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 07/27/2016 Views: 263

Kevin Smith, Kathryn Hahn and Matt Mira guess what song Hillary Clinton's DNC address was remixed with. (1:21)

You fought all year,beat out scandal after scandal,

got your husbandto keep his dick in his pants--

though, that was probablylargely because of his age--

and finallyreached the big night

where you're officiallynominated

as the Democraticpresidential candidate.

What better way to celebratethan with a kick-ass video?

Jack, roll the kick-assness!

(glass shattering)

-(laughter)-Oh, God.


Yeah, that's whatI'm talking about.

Rise to the topand destroy all of your haters!


As with most videos released onthe Internet, this got a remix.

Comedians,what was the video mashed-up

with Stone Cold Steve Austin'stheme song,

-or the Imperial March from...?Yes, Matt Mira. -It's...

I mean, it's got to beStone Cold. The glass shatters.

-You're thinking Hillary 3:16.-All right, let's find out.

(glass shatters)

-♪ -OTHERS: Yeah!


Hillary 3:16 says

I don't understand e-mail!


How awesome, though.She smashed the ceiling

but cracked a smile.

-(laughter)-She did.