Dan Soder - Ruined the English Language

Dan Soder Season 2, Ep 1 05/03/2013 Views: 11,787

When it comes to dating, Dan Soder is at a stage in his life when he wants an older woman. (1:43)

I'd rather just try to banga 47-year-old mother of three

that can tell mewhat Zeppelin's like live.

Like, that's what I want.



I like older wo--you can talk to older women.

You can have deep conversationswith older women.

You can't talk to young girls.

They change language.

They (bleep) upthe English language.

They started abbreviatingall of their words.

It's a real thing now.

I heard a girl once go,"Oh, that's delish."

Where's the rest of that word?

You know how confusing that is?

To be at a bar,

having a decent conversation with a girl,

then she randomly turnsto her friend and she's like,

"I just got back from va-cay.

It was totes ab fab."


Did you have a brain injury?Why are...

Why are you talking like that?

If that girl keeps that up,20 years from now,

all of her conversationsare gonna be like...

(speaks gibberish)


And by the way, that is

just me doing Jabba the Huttin a bimbo voice.

That's all.

(imitates Jabba the Hutt)

That's all that is.