Jeff Ross - Streetside Roasting and Real Talk

Jeff Ross Roasts Cops Season 1, Ep 1 09/11/2016 Views: 29,329

Jeff Ross interrupts his police ride-along to trade insults with a group of men hanging out on the streets of Boston. (2:51)

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what's up guys?

- Can we get out?

- What's good?

He's roasting the police.

- I'm roastingthe Boston Police.

- Like, can Ismoke my weed, y'all?

- Only if you're gonna share.- Yeah, man.

- Gonna be an actor,so you know.

- An actor?

- Yeah, can he get on your show?

- He's doinga great impression

of a guy who's unemployedright now.

- Oh!No, he didn't.

- What about these two cops?You recognize these guys?

These are the best two copsin Boston, right here.

- Right, I haven't seen youin a dog's age, you know?

- And this is my friendwho's an undercover cop.

I don't know if you knewabout that.


- Time out, time out.Time out, time out.

Hey, yo, look, hold on, hold on,hold on.

This is what you call fur.

This shit right here is,like, Chinese pubic hair.


Hey, yo, check outJesse Ventura,

[bleep] in a [bleep]--- Shrunken!

- Jesse Ventura got short.


- Oh, dude, 'bout tokeep it 100.

Hold on, hold on.- They just FOI'd us.

- Oh, what's this?

- [indistinct].

- Does this mean you can't goanywhere near a schoolyard?


All right.

- Thank you.

- This is what--this iswhat this is about.

This is what--come here.

Group shot.Group shot.

- You're good. You're good.You're good, bro.

- You know it.

- This is a goal--my goal

is to bring the copsand the community together.

- That's cool.That's cool.

- Comedy brings people together.

- Hell yes.

Laugh, you have fun, man.

You know what I'm saying?

- That's right.

- Makes life a lot easier.

- Hey, yo, I'ma tell y'all--

I'm gonna tell you all, real--this is real talk.

Yo, cops killing black people.

It's not like that.

They're doing their job, man,you feel me?

I respect the real cops, man.

[bleep] the fake ones.

I respect the real ones, man,though, real shit, man.

You don't come out here

for violence and allthe other shit, man.

We come out here to chill.

We come out hereto see our family, man.

This is--that's why we up here.

- That's right.

- Y'all jack us, man,we coming up here,

we don't got nothing on us.

We--man, we like y'alljust like y'all like us, man.

There's good [bleep]out here, man.

Real shit, man.

- Well put, Spike Lee.


- Right there, man.

Good stuff.

- Hey, yo, guess what?

I never did the right thing,though, man.

Check--yo,check my record, man.

I never did the right thing.

- Hey, man,you're doing it now, brother.

- I'd say I'd see youat the barber shop,

but you obviously don't go.


- Hey, thank you, Jerry Lewis.Hey!


- Yo, yo,read this shit right there.

- All right, guys,you got to move it out.


- I love you guys.I'll see you later.

How you doing?