Tweet the Press

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 12/06/2016 Views: 129

Sam Morril, Janelle James and Mike Lawrence ponder Donald Trump's next Twitter gambit against the media. (0:55)

Next up, Tweet the Press.

It looks like angrier Lorax,Donald Trump,

-might be the first president...-(laughter)

-JAMES: Oh, God. -of thegreat-again States of America

to avoid the mediaby holding press conferences

solely on social media.

It's like his own weekly Tweet the Press.

He even explained why he tweets

in a tweet he tweeted yesterdayon Twitter.

"If the press would cover meaccurately and honorably,

I would have far less reasonto 'tweet.'" Quote, unquote.

"Sadly, I don't knowif that will ever happen!"

Wha...? Meow!

Take that, the press!

So, comedians, I want to knowwhat Donald Trump will say

on the next Tweet the Press.

-(bird tweeting)-(news show music playing)

Eh, that was... that was allthe rest of our year's budget.


-Mike Lawrence.-Does anyone know how to run

the world'smost powerful government?

-Asking for a friend.-Yeah, all right.