Gabriel Iglesias - New Look-alikes

Ian Bagg & Pablo Francisco Season 2, Ep 6 11/08/2012 Views: 18,048

Gabriel Iglesias presents Martin Moreno's celebrity look-alike. (1:50)

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It went by way, wayway too fast, bro.

It went by way too fast.

Now, we've been having sucha great time doing this show

and, uh, yeah, episode six.

Episode six, I'm thinkingback to last year.

Remember last year wheneverybody kept saying,

um, you look like that dudefrom Operation Repo?

(audience laughs)



Well, somebody tweetedme and, uh,

we found you a new look-alikefor this year just to keep...

GABRIEL:I have a new look-alike.

Yes, just to keep tradition.Check it out.


MAN:Put on your glasses.

You're crazy, Martin.

Oh, you said,"With the glasses"?

Let me see. Let me puton the glasses, Martin.

Let me see your glasses.

All right, let'ssee how close it is.

MAN:It's very close.

Is it really? Wait. Hold on.

(laughter, applause)

That is too funny, Martin.

Okay, it just so happens thatsomebody tweeted my ass, too.

MARTIN:Oh, yeah?

And, apparently, you havea look-alike as well.

Oh, really?


No, no, you mean to tell me

somebody elsewas able to duplicate this?


I don't believe it.

Bro, I found your look-alike.

Hey, can we put the,uh, picture up?

(Gabriel laughs)


MARTIN:I do not look like that.

Bro, you look like, I've seen

you look like that aftera good hangover. (laughs)