Jay Larson - So Honest

Jay Larson Season 15, Ep 15 03/11/2011 Views: 12,066

Jay Larson doesn't know of anybody eating steak and cheese to keep their insulin up. (1:15)

into the movie theater.


- Above it.


I don't wantthat junk.

You know what I mean--Trying to stay lean.

Trying tostay fit.

The other day I went in and I-Ibrought a steak and cheese sub.

[audience laughing]

And as I started opening it,it made some noise,

and the woman that worked therecame to the edge of the aisle,

and she goes,"Excuse me, sir!

"Can't bring your own foodinto the movie theater."

And I looked her deadin the eyes, and I go,

"I have diabetes."

[audience laughing]

She walkedright away.

[audience laughing]



I don't know anybody-Idon't know anybody

eating steak and cheeseto keep their insulin up,

but, uh, do someinvestigating, lady.

I also like to eat foodin the grocery store

before I buy it.

[audience laughing]

I grab a bag of chips, andI walk around eating them,

and I look at people like,"Yeah I might pay for these.

"Not sure-- I haven'tmade up my mind yet."

Then when I check out, Itake out the empty bag

and I'm like, "Oh, yeah,I had these, too."

And the woman's like,"Oh, you're so honest."

And I'm like, "well,that's just how I am."

[audience laughing]

I don't tell her about the donutI had over at the bakery.

[audience laughing]

What's that?

A quarter?