John Oliver - In Awe of the T-Shirt Cannon Pt. 2

Joe Zimmerman, Sara Schaefer, Tom Lennon Season 4, Ep 2 08/02/2013 Views: 2,336

John Oliver shows the audience that they are not as morally superior as they might think. (2:18)

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That's a Pavlovian response.

It's something we all share.

It binds us.

I've seen this work.

For "The Daily Show" we wereshooting a piece in

Union Square, and I got to firea T-shirt cannon

for the first time.

And when you hold it, itchanges your personality.

And I turned it up tothe top level without

understanding whatthat quite meant.

And I fired it.

And the T-shirt went flyingstraight across the road.

And people justautomatically, without

thinking, randirectly into traffic.

There were three copsstanding watching this,

doing nothing except smilingand looking jealously on,

saying, "If I didn't havethis badge on right now,

I'd be with them."

And, again, you're sittingthere in judgment

acting like you're better.

Okay, okay, fine.

If you-- If you don'tbelieve my words, maybe

you'll believe my actions.

Lynn, Lynn.


Yeah, exactly.

Bring it out.


You hypocrites.

Try and resist.


Try and resist.


I haven't even started yet,and you've already

disgraced yourself.

Who wants a T-shirt?


Who wants a T-shirt?

Who wants a T-shirt?

Look at the-- Lookat these animals.

Look at them.

They thought they werebetter, and they weren't.

Who wants a T-shirt?


And I'll tell you what.

I'll tell you what.

Don't act so elitist athome, because if this came

through a televisionyou'd dive for it as well.

Who wants a T-shirt?


That's right.

Who wants--Yeah, load me up.

Oh, you're aboveit, aren't you?

You're all above it.

Who wants a [BLEEP] T-shirt?

Does the backwant a T-shirt?

Does there want a T-shirt?

Do you want a T-shirt?

You're supposed to be betterthan this, but no one is.