Gabriel Rutledge - Not Hungry for Pizza

  • Season 4 , Ep 0404
  • 11/06/2009
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The food delivery business is not portrayed accurately in the adult film industry. (0:46)

I used to workat a Mexican restaurant.

I was...(laughter)

Wait for the punch line.It's even better.

I was a delivery driver.

I delivered burritos.

Uh, before that, I deliveredpizza a couple places.

So I can tell you guys,the food delivery business

is not at alllike it's portrayed

in the adult film industry.


Yeah. Never once did I get thatdelivery to the sorority house

where they're like, "We'rehungry, but not for pizza."

(imitates funky music)

Yeah. No one's hotfor the pizza guy.

No women are like, "Oh, who'sthat stud in the Geo Metro

with the giant phone on top?"