Everybody's President

Class President Season 1, Ep 6 10/26/2016 Views: 1,288

Grover turns around a debate for student body president by speaking to each of Duncan High's constituencies. (2:24)

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- I think we should have ottomans for the benchwarmers,

Gatorade instead of Flavor Aid,and last but not least,

baby wipesin the boy's locker room.

- That's the dumbest shitI've ever heard.

Everyone knows a real manlets his ass clean itself.


- Next question.

- So, Craigery, if I textmy friend an answer to a test,

is that cheating?

- You knowwhat's really cheating?

Cheating women outof an opportunity to be heard,

so I say text away, girlfriend.

[applause and cheering]

- Hey, he good.That boy real good.

- Rochella, with the recent risein band member assaults,

what are you prepared to do

to ensure these valuable artistsare protected?

- Well, the first thingI'ma do is this.

[boys cheer]

You like that, huh?

- Oh, Grove.

Craigery got the vagina vote,

Rochella got the dick vote,

and Deez got the nut vote.

If you lose this,there's no party.

No party, no Cindy.

- Milk's right. Okay, Grover, get it together.

You're losing.

Now, what was that smart shit Malik said?

- I said you can't pleaseeverybody, negro.

- That's it.Negro, please everybody.

- No, that's not what I said,Grover.

- No, that is what you said.I was there.

- What are you doing?Grover. Grover.

- Grover! Grover!

- Huh?

- Please answer the question.

- Ms. Nobel, all ofthese questions is cool,

but what the peoplereally want to know is

what can we do for them?


- What you gon' do, Grover?

- I'ma tell you.

To my band members,you want to stop assaults?

Shit, do it.

You the ones holding the brass.

Now beat somebody's ass.

[cheering, playing instruments]

And to my LGBT EFG LMNOPs,

President Groversupports the rainbow.

Skittles is my favorite fruit,and so are you.

- Let me see your dick.

- And to my lovely loose hoesover there,

Grover got you.

I'm bringing Planned Parenthoodto the school.

That's right.

I'ma hold you downlike a white cop

at a black pool party.


[baby cries]

- That's whyI fuck with him.

- Girl, you fuckwith everybody.

- The point is,once I'm elected,

I'ma beeverybody's president.

If you got a problem,I'll solve it.

Ya heard?


Who you know fresher than Grove?

[hip-hop music]

- My boy is back.

We about to getsome throats pregnant.