Pop-Up S**tteo with Lisa Loeb

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Lisa Loeb joins Margaret Cho, Jaleel White and Emo Philips to guess which facts would appear on screen during cringeworthy music videos from the 90s. (4:31)

It's time to playPop Up (bleep)-eo.

Here to tell you all about it

is LensCrafters'Entertainer of the Year,

Lisa Loeb!

-♪ -(cheering)

-Hey, Lisa.-Hi.

-(cheering, whistling)-Hi.

-Nice to see you.-You, too. You know,

as you all know,it is currently the '90s,

and it's a great time for music.

Not only are David Bowieand Prince still alive,

-(laughter) -but we've gotamazing current bands

churning outsoon-to-be classic songs.

Godsmack, Ace of Base,

Hootie & the Blowfish,

-Hanson, Creed,-(whooping)

Phish with a P-H,

-and Korn with a K.-Yeah!

-(cheering) -They're alldefinitely not embarrassing,

and without a doubtwill hold up in 2016.

-Mm-hmm. -Which isa random year I picked.

-Totally. -Um, somethingthat's also big in the '90s,

there's this new showcalled Pop-Up Video,

-Yeah, it's so good!-uh, where facts pop up

during music videos.

-Mm-hmm. -Comedians,we will show you a video

from this decade, um,that we're in right now,

and you're goingto tell me a fact

that would pop up during it.

Great. Thank you so much,Lisa Loeb.

Do you want to date fora couple months in a few years?

-Sure. I mean, that's somethingwe'll really do. -Okay.

-And then people will be ableto look it up. -Yeah, cool.

-Thanks. I'll see you then.-(cheering, applause)

-Thank you, Lisa Loeb.-Yeah.

(whooping, cheering)

First up, from America'shottest sitcom Blossom,

here's heartthrob Joey Lawrence

with "Nothin'My Love Can't Fix."

♪ This is the way

♪ To turn your world around

♪ We all get lonely

♪ But if you just hold me

♪ Oh ♪

♪ There's nothingmy love can't fix. ♪


I mean...

Comedians, what is this pop uptelling us?


This is best enjoyedwith a puka shell necklace

-around your balls.-Yes, points.


If you have any information

about this boy'sdisappearance...

Points to Emo Philips.

Let's see whatthe actual fact is.

The pop up video fact is:

"During production Joey Lawrence

literally fingeredhundreds of interns."


Uh... Whoa! Uh...

Next up, the sexy, sexy hitsjust keep on coming.

Here's Kenny G.

Oh, I tell you.

He is the pied piperof pussy, you guys.


(cheering, applause)

What is this factabout this video?


The reed in his mouthpiece

is from the actual cross.

All right, points.

Points. Uh...


This video provesthat whites are the worst race.

All right, points.


Jaleel White.

The sax is the same length,

width and smoothness

as Kenny's dick.

All right, points.

Women talk.Women talk. Women talk.


Uh, let's see what the imageactually says.

It says, "The G stands for'G-esus Christ, this sucks!'"

Why are we listening to this?

Very good. Next up...

Here's Ecuador's own Gerardowith Rico Suave.

He needs no introduction.

♪ Rico

♪ Suave

♪ My only addiction has to dowith the female species ♪

♪ I eat 'em raw like sushi

Ah, my gosh,

what a terrible decade this is.

Comedians, what's the pop upfact? Jaleel.

Rico Suave is actuallySpanish for "gonarrhea."

All right, points.

Margaret Cho.

He's impotent from overwaxing.