The Picante Level

Ian Bagg & Mike Merrill Season 3, Ep 5 11/01/2014 Views: 4,949

Gabriel and Martin imagine what the show would be like if they responded to a surprising network request. (2:08)

uh... from the network.Oh, shoot.

The complaint now--check this out, Ozo--

is that they're saying the showis not ethnic enough.

What, uh...Oh, here's the thing. They said,

"We-we want you to bringmore of your culture

and more of what your peoplebring to the table."

Which-which one of you (bleep)

is lacking on the ethnicity?

Come on, I'm Martín, this isGabriel, that is Ozomatli.

This is as ethnic

as it gets.Seriously.

We're one lowrider awayfrom a car show.


And, I mean, I'm glad that I-Iput my foot down since day one.

I says, "You know what,this is the format of the show.

It's gonna be very different,multicultural."

I'm afraid to knowwhat the next level could be

when the network calls youand says, "Can you spice it up

and take it to the next level?"

The picante level.

The picante level.

Yeah. You know what I mean?

So I think it would probablylook something like... this.

(harp strumming)

("La Cucaracha" playing)

Ladies and gentlemen,

give it up for my amigo,

Gabriel Iglesias...!

(crowd cheering)


(heavy accent):Eh, hello, everyone!

How are you?

(crowd cheering)

Welcome to another excitingepisode of Stand-Up Revolución.



Muchas gracias. It's so greatto be back here, you know?