The Order of the Binary Singularity

Season 7 , Ep 9 08/08/12 Views: 1,093

A despondent Bender finds peace at a robot monastery whose acolytes reject the idea of free will. (1:45)

(monk-like chanting):One zero zero zero,

one zero zero zero,one zero, one zero,

one zero zero zero...

Welcome, friend.

I am Ab-BOT, the abbotof this monastery.

Sir, I am but a tiredand rusty traveler.

Can we talk?

Come, make yourselfuncomfortable.

Abbot, I need to know,

what's the point of livingif I don't have free will?

Ah. We robot monks havemeditated long on this.

And we havemade our peace.

No way.

Way, my son.

For though we must alwaysobey our programming

with no deviationwhatsoever,

we choose to takesatisfaction in the ritual.

So, are we automatons?


But we aremagnificent automatons.

How does a robotjoin this monk outfit?

Just put on this monk outfit.



(all belching)