News of Global Importance

Jeff & Some Colonists Season 1, Ep 5 02/08/2017 Views: 381

Linda and her friend are interrupted by an urgent news bulletin about extraterrestrial visitors. (0:50)

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Hey Linda, have you ever heardof the bechdel test?

- Yeah, it's that test of eithera movie or TV show

has at least two womenwho talk to each other

about somethingother than a man.

And it is shockinghow many shows fail it.

Anyway, Jeff just hasno ambition.

And it's really too bad,because he's a great guy.

- Oh, come on.He's a deadbeat.

- We interrupt this broadcast for news of global importance.

- What? - Today, history was made.

A hand has reached out to us from the cosmos.

- Oh, my God.

- And one man was thereto accept it.

One man has ushered usinto a new age.

- What?- And that man is Jeff Mahoney.

- Hey, everybody!

- No [bleep] way.