Lunch at O'Nutters

Real Sext Season 1, Ep 2 05/07/2013 Views: 244,446

To help a coworker recover from a breakup, Amy brings him out for a good time at O'Nutters. (4:07)

(Amy)A lot of people have beentelling me

I looklike Jennifer Lawrence.

I don't see that.

Well, I know I'm tallerthan her.

I'm not crazy.

Jim, what's your problem?

I just don'tunderstand why you guys

would take me here.

Because youlove hot wings.

What are you talkingabout right now?

I do,they're fine,

it's just a guy doesn't wantto come to O'Nutters

rightafter a breakup.


'Cause there are a coupleof good-looking waiters here?

Hey ladies,how we doing?


All right,hey, excuse me.

My nuts aredown here.

( laughing )

Hey, I'm Amber, welcometo O'Nutters.

Thanks.Thank you.

So who'sbeen here before?

All right, so can Istart anybody off

with alittle pinot greej?

I'll have one.Yeah, me too.

Can Ihave a beer?

Uh, sorry, broham,no beer,

but we do have skinny girlwhite zin spritzers

and if you'dlike, I can 86 theparasol,

throw in a lemon chunkfor you.

I'll justhave a pinot.

All right, three pinotsfor my three pinoteers.

Hey, um.

Normally, I wouldn't riskgetting in trouble,

but you guysseem super cool.

If I were you, I'd gofor the pitcher,

save youa few bucks.

Right.Great tip, thank you.

Let's do it.

You gotit, no problem.

I'm being seriousright now.

You guysare models, right?


Oh my God!

We allwork at Payless.

Oh my God, that's myfavorite shoe store.

Get out.

But you guys should quitand become models.

I'll be right backwith those pinots, guys.

Thank you.You got it.

Oh my God.

That was so cool, he told usabout the pitcher deal.

He did nothave to do that.

I should get his numberand have him go out with us

when he getsoff work.Oh my God.

Wake up.

He's just trying to geta bigger tip.

Jim, okay,

I know that you're still bummedabout Karen,

but please, don'tjust dump your negativity on us.

At work it's one thing,

you know, all the shoes arearound, the people,

but here, on ourtime, please get it together.

We have one hourfor lunch,

we're hereto have a great time, okay?

Listen, I don't mean toeavesdrop on you, brosef,

but you don't wantto end up

likeRupert over there.

( glass smashing )

Yeah, after his wifeleft him,

he went intoa real deep depression.

Got pretty bad.

He forgot howto live.

So sad.

Don't let that happento you, man, okay?

Thank you.


Hey, giveme some nuts.


Give himsome nuts, Jim.

Go on, Jim.

There you go.

A little of this

and a little of thatand you return the favor.

Touch 'em.

Yeah, see?

There you go, huh--Fun?

So cute.Yeah.

It feels good, Jim--It's fun, right?

What didI just do?

It's good.Go with it, Jim, don'truin this.

You know what,guys?

I think I havegot just the cure

for senor sad sackover here.

The check?

( whistling )

Wet nut contest!

( cheering )

Go, go, go!


Jim, get up!

Get up!

( victorious yelling )

( victorious yelling )