Presidential Humor - Barack Obama Gets Laughs at Nerd Prom

Monday, May 2, 2016 05/02/2016 Views: 171

Barack Obama showed off his comedic chops at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, so Rachael Harris, Scott Aukerman and "Weird Al" Yankovic give his stand-up album a title. (1:38)

President Obamaabsolutely killed

at the WashingtonCorrespondents' Dinner

this weekend, and he didn't evenhave to use drones!

The president did a half hourof original material

at the annualblack-tie circle jerk

for Washington insidersand media elites

that I would totally go toif I were ever invited.

-(laughter) -Nah. Actually,it looks kind of boring.

People online call it"nerd prom" for some reason,

even though the correspondents'dinner is not full of nerds.

It's full of adultswho are as serious

as five Dick Cheneyheart attacks.

(with Southern accent): And it'snot a prom, 'cause the only ones

getting (bleep) are the Americanpeople, am I right, y'all?

-(cheers and applause)-Am I right, y'all?

Come on now.Who is with me?

Hear me out.What's up with that?

Ladies, let do it!

(in his voice):Uh...

Now let's take a...

Let's take a lookat Obama's big closer.


HARDWICK:Mic drop.

Mic drop.

(applause and cheering)

Next up-- Bernie the entertainerand Hillary quake.

-(laughter) -Looks like allthose years working in the clubs

in the Kenyan comedy scene madeObama into a great standup.

So, comedians,

what is Obama goingto call his comedy album?

Rachael Harris, go.

Barack Obama Live: High Off My Oval Office Ass.

HARDWICK:Yes, yes. Probably so.

-(applause and cheering)-Scott Aukerman.

-POTUS My Scrotus. -(laughter)

-(applause and cheering)-Nice.

How could he not?Weird Al.

(with accent): My Name Hussein Jimenez.