Scared Season 1, Ep 7 04/25/2007 Views: 19,241

Eulogio does his best to comfort an at-risk kid, and C-Bass reassures Kenny during therapy. (2:01)

SEBASTIAN:They're great man.

Thanks, Kenny.I'm full.

Bon apré-midi.


Why isn't our young wardjoining us for lunch?

Because, Baby Huey shavedthe neighbors cat and he won't

apologize.Why should I apologize?

It looks better now.


he's just a childcrying for help.

Besides, it's"scared straight,"

not "starvedstraight."


Won't you pleasejoin us for lunch?

Din-dinfor Hubble.

He's scared, that's all.

It's okay.

It's all right.

What do we say?

Thank you.

But I don't acceptfood from queers.


The last time

I was coveredin sauce like this

Jim J. Bullock wassitting on my chest,

and Dom DeLuise washolding my ankles.

Perhaps what you want is a kiss.

Is that whatyou want?

A long lingering

kiss to pierceyour heart.

A kiss from a bad homo.

What are you


you just ruined itfor all the rest of us.

I felt a gay

bashing coming on...

and I took the initiative.

Is it weird thatI'm semi erect?



Man, what's going on?Hang it up.


I'm just in therapy.

All right,

I'll get back at you. Holla.

C-Bass, you're not takingthis seriously again.

No, no, Kenny...

Look, this is the first week

where I really likeyou're reaching me like

you gettingthrough to me.

And I feel like

a part of me is starting to--

(cell phone rings)


Oh, nothing justpatronizing this white dude.