Exclusive - Keep It 100 - Will Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Save the World?

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Teen environmental activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is given the opportunity to clean up all the world's pollution in one night, but there's a catch. (1:49)

(electronic music)(cheering and clapping)

- All right I'm here withXiuhtezcatl Martinez,

and it's time for the gamethat I call Keep It 100.

Keep it 100.(laughter)

All right man youknow how it goes.

I'm gonna ask you a question,

you gotta keep youranswer 100% real,

if you do you get one of these,

if not I gotta throwsome weak tea at you.


Environmentally safe weak tea.(laughter)

- I appreciate that, like100%, homegrown, free range.

(laughter)Non-gmo, fair trade.

- Alright, you could overnight,

I'm talking about in one night,

I don't mean overnightas a metaphor,

I mean literally overnight,

clean up the entire worldof all its pollution, okay.

You are given this power.

All you have to do iscut off all your hair,

and change your name to Trump.

Would you do it?(laughter)

- Fuck.(laughter)

- Now, how does the climateboy feel about it then?


- Okay, let me explain this

because it'll soundselfish at first,

but it's not.(laughter)

No, because, I mean, look atthis though, look at this.

(laughter)(cheering and clapping)

- Oh my God.

- And second of all,100%, I'm not done.

So, the reason I wouldn't isbecause look, if somebody--

- [Larry] You would not do it.

- The reason I wouldnot do it is because--

- [Larry] Oh okay.(laughter)

Go ahead, stay strong man.

- If one person came in,reached their hand down,

and just solved the problems,

then what would ourpurpose here be?

We're learning from our--

- Nah man, come on.

It's a hypothetical,

what are you talkin' about?

There's gonna be other problems.

(laughter)(cheering and clapping)

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez.

(cheering and clapping)

Give me some scissors!

Somebody give me some scissors!

(cheering and clapping)