Uncensored - Owen Benjamin - Opening for Julio Iglesias

Owen Benjamin: High Five Til It Hurts Season 1, Ep 1 06/28/2013 Views: 11,598

Owen Benjamin reveals why Julio Iglesias likes to have a comedian open his show. (1:16)

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I love being a comedian causeI've had some amazingadventures.

I used to open forJulio Iglesias.

Is there any Hispanicpeople in the crowd?



I love Hispanic culture--so warm, so warm.

You guys hug and kiss a lot.

It's true.

You guys hug-- oh, hola.

Like at first, like when I firstdid Miami, I like, did comedy.

And then afterwardI, I'd be like, dude,

I think your grandma'strying to fuck me.

They're like, no, that'sjust what they do.

I'm like, oh, cool.

Is it cool if, if Ibang your grandma?

She's hot.

Because Latin womenstay hot, too.

They're just fucking movingand grooving, you know?

And I opened for Julio, andJulio's a very interesting man.

He's a unbelievable humanbeing in what he did.

You know, he'sone of the highest

selling artists in history.

He sings in likeseven languages.

He's a legend.

And someone was like, why do youhave a comedian open for you?

I used to open for this dude.

It'd be like 5,000 70 year oldMexican women and me-- hola,

you know?

And they're there to hearmusic, and I'm doing stand up.

And someone was like, why doyou have him open for you?

He goes, quote unquote,I like to make them

laugh before theywant to make love.

And then he just staresat you, and like a dove

flies out of his hand, you know?

And then he just touchesyour cheek, just.