Jim Norton - Lying to Your Girlfriend

Norton, O'Reilly, Bargatze, Jackson, Vecchione, Mandel, Dalton Season 3, Ep 2 06/27/2008 Views: 36,882

Have you ever lied about anything to your girlfriend? Like disease test results? (1:03)

abominable nightmare.

Why did I do this again?

She caught me lying.

Not like I've got lying before,like, with, like,

you ever lieabout disease-test results?


But I'm a bad liar. I suck.

Like, my idea of lyingis just keeping my eyes open

really wideafter I say something.

And it was so stupid.

We both live here in New York,and she's moving.

Not far. She's only movinga few blocks.

But she's goingfrom a ground-floor apartment

up to a fifth-floor walkup.

And she's, like,"You gotta help me.

I can't carry furniture upfive flights of steps."

And I'm, like, "Ugh, uh, baby,I'd love to help you,

but it's my mother's birthday.I gotta take her out."

And she's, like, "Well, I didn'ttell you what day yet."

Have you ever been so bustedall you can do is just look

like you didn't comprehendthe statement?