Between the Scenes - The Evolution of Pussygate

October 19, 2016 - Matt Taibbi 10/19/2016 Views: 12,143

Trevor breaks down the many excuses Donald Trump's campaign has given to defend his Pussygate scandal. (1:19)

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- Ohhh.

Ah Melania and Trump.

(audience laughing)

What a combination they are.

I just love how they say that with a straight face.

Like you understand howfunny this evolution is?

Because initially is was,

oh Donald was just talking like that

because of the boys,

because he was with the boys.

And then now it's changed to,

oh well actually Donald wasn't,

didn't want to talk like that,

Billy Bush made him

talk like that. (audience laughing)

And then like what's the next evolution

of the story gonna be?

Is this gonna be that actually he didn't even wanna

grab that pussy.

(audience laughing)

He didn't want to at all.

Billy Bush took it and just like, you know?

And then... (audience laughing)

And Trump was like, what is this?

And Billy goes like, you do it Donald!

(audience laughing)

I don't even understandhow they thought

that's a good strategy.

To come out and say the guy who's running for president

can be peer pressured

into saying anything.

(audience laughing)

Just like imagine, likegoing to war afterwards.

America's at war.

And it's like, why did we start that war?

And then Melania comes out,

no he was egged on, Putin made him do it.

(audience laughing)

Putin made him do it, she said to him,

he said, you must fight war.

Donald never fight war.

(audience laughing)

He's like teenage boy,he don't like to fight.

(audience laughing)

(bright electronic music)