Kurt Metzger - Red Carpet - Stand-Up for Heroes

New York Comedy Festival Season 1, Ep 1 01/11/2011 Views: 11,546

According to Bob Woodruff, the real hero at the Stand-Up for Heroes was Kurt Metzger. (2:54)

-Hi, I'm Kurt Metzger withComedy Central's Jokes.com,

here to cover theStand Up For Heroes

show for the NewYork Comedy Festival.

I'm a comedian, notan interview guy.

-All right, man.

You want me to do the interview?

I'll interview you.

-Hey, I'm David Chokachiwith Comedy Central.

We're here with--what's your name?

-Kurt Metzger.

-OK.What are you doing here tonight?

Why are you out here tonight.

-Well, I'm interviewingcelebrities as they came in.

Earlier, we just hadSeinfeld walk by.

Hi, I'm Kurt Metzger with ComedyCentral's Jokes.com talking

to Bob Woodruff, the ultimatebadass reporter, in my opinion.

-That's right.

-Bob, tell me a little bitabout the foundation first.

-Well, we're out here to helpthese guys that have gone

through the war and have comeback wounded to make sure they

get the best kind oftreatment and the medical care

that they can.

And certainly for theirfamilies, the caregivers,

which don't get thatmuch attention as well.

They're the ones thatare helping them.

-Who is your heroout of people that

are doing interviewsin this immediate area?


-Am I your hero?


You're my hero.

-All I wanted wasfor Bob Woodruff

to call me a hero one time,hero to hero, and I got that.

-Kurt Metzger withComedy Central's

Jokes.com talking toChris Cuomo brother

of governor-elect Andrew Cuomo.

Chris, I have onequestion to ask you.

How is your brotherthe governor when

you are clearly thedreamiest Cuomo?

Seriously, when youwere talking to Fox,

I was getting lost in your eyes.

Now, what is your secret?

-Well, first of all,it's a common experience.

Don't fault yourself.

It happens.

-You're doing itto me now, dude.

-I also benefitfrom a very low bar.

-Kurt Metzger herewith Joel McHale.

Joel, what are you doingon the show tonight?

-In this show?


-Magic tricks, alot of pyrotechnics.

We're going to flood thestage, and one of those

drum kits that spins.

Very excited.

-Well, that sounds very heroic.

Let me ask you this--because I have followed you

from the Burger Kingcommercials, dude.


That is really sad.

-Well, mainly your hairline.

Because see my hair, dude?

What are you-- dude,you came back strong.

How do you hold your hair in?

Because honestly, I have tofreebase Propecia right now.

That is how I hold thisburnt matches that I have.

-Oh no, this isn't real.

-Can I touch it?

-Yes, of course.

-I'm touching ChrisCuomo's hair right now.

-I'm standing herewith Tracy Evans, who

is one of the actualheroes that people

are standing up for tonight.

And what I want to ask you--this is a hero-based question,

Tracy-- as a guy that has seenlive combat, how effective

would Captain America bereally in a battlefield?

That's just a wasteof money, isn't it?

-Yes, it is.

-Would you agree with mesoldiers are the best audience?

Just because they're always thebest crowd, wherever you go,


That's why they're the people Ileast want to see get injured.

Many crowds, I wishsomething would drop on them.

But never soldiers.

They're always thebest, awesomest

guys to do a show for.

Kurt Metzger, live from the redcarpet at Stand Up For Heroes.

And in a way, Iwas the real hero--

according to Bob Woodruff.

-Anyway, I'm David Chokachisigning off for Comedy Central.

We'll see you next time.

-Stay tuned for moreinterviews on Jokes.com.

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