Jerry Rocha - The Worst Part About Being Poor

Shaun Latham & Jerry Rocha Season 3, Ep 3 10/18/2014 Views: 1,916

Jerry Rocha is tired of his bank constantly emailing him as a reminder that he is totally broke. (1:34)

Here's the worst partabout being poor.

It happens every timeI call my bank, right?

I get the... Now I getthe e-mails; you ever get these?

The courtesy alertsI get from my bank.

These e-mails, right?

(nasal voice):"Courtesy alert.

"Just wanted to let you know

your balancehas fallen below $25."

It's been doing that every dayfor a year and a half now.

This isn't a courtesy.

Now you're justbreaking my balls.

That's all you're doing.

If youto want make it useful, like...

"Courtesy alert: your neighborscan hear you masturbating."

"Okay, thank you.That helps me."


I'll turn down Lord of the Rings.

Whatever you're into,it's all right, it's fine.

And every time I call my bank--I don't know about you guys--

I always get the sad robotwho reads me my balance.

It's always the depressed...

(slow monotone):Like, "Your... balance...

is four dollars... and 48..."

I don't feel bad enoughas it is?

I got to hear the sad terminatorread this to me?

"Your balance is three dollars."

Growing up in Texas,I had a neighbor.

Her name was Louise Jordan.

She was this black woman whoweighed, like-- I don't know--

she was, like, 500 pounds,but the sweetest woman.

Always happy,always in a good mood.

Why can'tthat be the voice you hear...

when you check your balance?

"Your balance is two dollarsand 72 cents.


All right!"

(applause and cheering)