Uncensored - Lil Rel - Mom with a Dad Voice

Lynne Koplitz, Lil Rel Howery, Judah Friedlander Season 1, Ep 5 05/11/2014 Views: 7,486

Now that Lil Rel has a kid , he's worried that he's becoming too much like his own parents. (1:19)

Now I'm having these momentswhere I remind myself.

My parents, that's the worstthing that could ever happen.

My mother was crazy.

I don't know if anybody grew upwith a mom with a daddy voice.

That shit is scary.

When your mama sound like agrown man, that's frightening.

When a woman got a grown manvoice, they ain't never happy.

She like, "Everybody, shut thefuck up and go to bed, now!

I'm sick of this!"

"We just got home--""I don't care, shut up.

You hear my voice,I'm not happy."

So, I mean, we hada moment we irritated her,

like, she had some shrimpfried rice,

and to a poor black family,when somebody bring us

some outside food, that'sa big deal-- "Oh, shit."

You know, like...we could smell it.

And she had thisshrimp fried rice.

We was being little kids.

We were just begging, "Ooh,Mama, can I have some?

"Ooh, Mama, please,can I have some?

Ooh, Mama, I want some..."

She go, "Oh, canI have, I want!

"Can I have, I want!

"Can I have, I want!

"I can't haveshit to myself!

"Your daddy bought me thisfried rice for my anniversary.

"This is my anniversaryfried rice.

"Why don't you eatthe fuckin' hot dogs I made.

"I had boiled hot dogsfor y'all.

"But you don't care, 'cause youin here, can I have, I want!

Can I have, I want!"