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Yo Leela Leela Season 6, Ep 19 07/21/2011 Views: 46,018

The kids at the Orphanarium fail to get excited about new TV shows like "Popular Slut Club" and "Extreme Toddler Wrestling." (1:22)

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Mr. Funny-Bunny herewill gauge your reaction

by bombarding your brains

with harmless snuggle rays.


He gives me a nice,warm feeling in my eyeballs.

DIGITAL VOICE:♪ Popular Slut Club.

Oh, my God.There's Jake Finkelberg!

He's so hot.

I wish he wasn't my brother.

DIGITAL VOICE:♪ Popular Slut Club.

ANNOUNCER: Look! Up on the drive-thru menu!

It's Captain Mega Meat

and his young ward, Bottomless Boy.

Hurry, Captain!

A skinny kid needs our help.

Super-size me!


ANNOUNCER: From the Rowdy Roddy Piper

Daycare Center in Glasgow, Scotland,

it's Extreme Toddler Wrestling!

Thanksfor the brain scans, kids.

Don't have any children forthe next couple of days.