Kevin Hart - Miami's Diverse Comedy Scene

Miami Season 1, Ep 5 10/30/2016 Views: 1,875

Comics Plus Pierre, Cisco Duran, J.B. Ball and Pam Bruno tell Kevin Hart why Miami's diverse audiences keep them on their toes. (1:48)

- Haitian.- Yes, sir.

- [speaking French]- [speaking French]

- There it is.

I don't knowwhat comes after that.

I just know it's something--- Just some awkwardness.

- I like this group, man.

This is a very diversegroup of people--a mixture.

Do you feel likeMiami gives you

the tools to prepyour comedic talent?

- Yeah, yeah, man,it's just so diverse here.

Where, if you don't knowany given venue--

like, who you're gonna end uphaving to perform for--

it could be a completelyHispanic crowd.

It could be a completely blackcrowd, completely white crowd,

completely elderly crowd.

You, like--you don't knowwhat you're gonna get,

and you got to be preparedto handle all that.

- I love that.

Do you feel likeyou guys get good crowds?

Like, is it--- It's hit and miss.

- 20, 50 people?

- Me and Pam, we did a showfor, like, two people.

- It was--it was in a bar.

It was in Fort Lauderdale--around there--

and it was two people,and we still did the show.

- You know, sometimesthey're a better crowd.

It's weird.- Yeah, we had fun.

- I mean, I love ears.

I mean, me, personally?I don't--I don't mind.

- The only advantage,I feel, is if, like,

if I can make these ten peoplewho don't care about me,

who don't want to see me--

if you can pry their attention--when you do that,

you can do the bigger shows.- Yep.

- Yeah.- I feel like with some ease

and, definitelywith some humility--

'cause you rememberwhere you come from.

- I love that.- You understand?

- Let's talk aboutthis show tonight.

What do you guys feel likethis show means?

What does it mean to you?

What are you expectingto get out of this?

- People come down hereto shoot things.

They're looking for peoplewith Hispanic and, like,

six-packs--like, that's whatthey're casting for in Miami.

You understand what I'm saying?

- No wonder I get no roles.- I'm dark with no six-pack.

You understand?So, like, I'm gonna come out

and obviouslyput my best foot forward

because it's a platform.

- I think you all have a veryunique approach to your craft,

and you are steppingin the right direction.

Let's take advantage of tonight.

I'm looking forward to seeingyou guys perform

at the Miami Light Box.All right?

Thank you guys so much.- Appreciate it. Thank you.

- I appreciate it.

- Thank you, Kevin.- Thank you.

All right, I'ma eat my chicken.