Beware the 100-Year Wave

Point Broken Season 3, Ep 9 04/28/2016 Views: 235

While trying to learn how to surf, Adam, Jen D'Angelo, Amir K and Matt Ingebretson find out that a dangerous wave could be headed toward them. (0:00)

[relaxed surf music]

- Hut.Hit it, hit it.

Give me the ball now.Hike it, yes.

- All right,come on.

- I'm open.

- Oh, shit.Oh.

- Don't you think thatwas a little out of line?

- Cool it, roach.Don't you know who this is?

It's Adam DeVinefrom "Workaholics."

You know, Boy "Broad City."

- That's right.

- I don't care.

- Game's over, kids.

Can't take up this muchbeach real estate.

Hey!Hey, hey!

Shaka, bros.

- Okay, how comewe're here out here

trying to play real sports

and you let surfers walk--do whatever they want?

- Half my businessis surfers, okay?

And these dudes just flewin because there is

a massive tropicalstorm headed this way.

- God, surfers are so sexy.

- Tell us moreabout this tropical storm.

- It's calledthe 100 year wave.

[dramatic music]

- Why do they call it that?

- 'Cause it comesevery 100 years.

- Oh, yeah,that makes sense. Yeah.

- Oh, yeah, I heard thaton Surfline.

That's crazy.

- [surfer accent] Yeah,and actually I heard that too,

on my landline.

Someone called meand told me about

what was happeningon Surfline,

so I alsoknow what's up.

- Adam, do you even surf?

- Obviously I surf.

You can tell by the voice.

Do I even surf?

- Hey, I need youto get back to work. Please?

- Bye, surfer boy.

- Looks like Daddy'sgot to learn how to surf.

I'm calling myself "Daddy" nowand I don't want that

to be weird for you guys.

[surf rock music]

- Those waves lookpretty big, Adam.

I think we should probablytake surfing lessons first.

- Matt...

we learn from our mistakes.

Remember that.





[high-pitched]Lesson learned.

[theme music plays]