Uncensored - Ali Siddiq - Daughter's Swim Meet

Up Next Season 1, Ep 0101 01/11/2011 Views: 3,395

Ali Siddiq knows exactly how to console his daughter after her swim meet. (2:04)

-Like, I have a daughter,and now that I'm older

I think everything,sir, is racious.

Everything somebodysay to me is racist.

That's me, in my mind.

I'm at the airport,you know, they

had the little breakfastin the morning.

The lady said, hey, you get twofruits with your breakfast--

what would you like?

I said, grapes.

And then she said, watermelon?

I said, no-- even thoughI did want watermelon.

It has same properties asViagra, that's why we like it.

So, in my neighborhood,I'm at this swim meet

because my daughterswims-- you know,

it's not a popular black sport--and, and I'm sitting there

and I heard these twolittle white girls

talking about my daughter.

And I knew they was talkingabout her because she's

the only black personon the swim team.

They walk in like, oh, my God!

We're going to lose this meet.

She say, why?

There go the black seal!

I was like, what?

Don't call my babyno black seal!

My neighbor Timwas like, no, that

means that she's really fast.

So I'm at the meet going,rooting, go black seal!

Go black seal!

Then it caught me up.

So now I've been watchingthis little white girl

named Sarah Brown.

Sarah Brown, I knowshe's going to meet

my daughter in the champs meet.

I know it-- I can feel it!

My little babythen got arrogant.

She done got arrogant.

She won a couple ofmeets and she don't even

carry her swim bagin no more, I'm

like her personal assistant.

I come in with all her stuff.

And I heard her saysomething to Sarah Brown.

She walked past Sarahand said, hey, Sarah.

I know we gonna race.

By the time the race over,I'll be out the pool, dry!

I say, oh snap!

I'm carrying her stuff.

I don't really believe my baby,but I'm, I'm rolling with it.

I say, yeah, Sarah,you heard her!

Dry, Sarah!


I didn't believe it, though,I didn't, I didn't believe it.

So the race happens.

My daughter loses the race.

She comes up to me crying.

[sniffling] Dad,I lost the race!

I say, hey, it's like thatsometimes, black seal!

You was up againsta great white!