Exclusive - Kurt Metzger - Interview with Kevin Hart

New York Comedy Festival Season 1, Ep 0101 01/11/2011 Views: 26,411

Kevin Hart is the same man he's always been -- minus the money and good looking women. (4:59)

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-My name's Kurt Metzger withComedy Central's jokes.com,

and I'm interviewingKevin Hart on his--

is you tour called"Laugh at my Pain?"

-"Laugh at my Pain," Kurt.

-And he just got off stage.

So Kev, why don't youtell us a little bit

about, uh, the pain, of what?

Being a millionaire, numberone album, you son of a bitch.

Your pain.

Go ahead.

-Well, Kurt, let me tellyou-- let me define laugh

at my pain, Kurt, soyou can understand.

Let me tell thepeople at joke.com

as well, so you canunderstand what it means.

Uh, basically, I feel likeI'm evolving as an artist, OK?

With that being said, youknow, I feel like now it's time

to let people in on my life,the real ugly side of my life.

Like, you guys haveseen the happy side.

You saw "I'm a Grown LittleMan" You saw "Seriously Funny."

So all that stuff was happy.

Now I went dark.

I'm talking about mymother passing away.

I'm talking about myfather being on drugs.

-Do you do the story--Keith just told me a story.

-Which one?

-Of your mother's funeral.

Of your uncle--


-Dude, that's themost hilarious guy--

-That's on "Laughat my Pain," Kurt.

That's part of the stuff.

-I'm going to pickthat right up, buddy.


It-- it took five yearsfor me to get to a point

where I felt like I'mcomfortable enough

to talk about itand laugh at it.

So now that I am, I feellike, you know, I'm past it.

You know, those timesas rough as they were.

Now, you know, I-- I feellike I can go and share them.

But not only share them,put people in a position

where they can laugh at it.

You know?

And so far, it's going well.

-Well, tragedy plus timeequals comedy, right?




-Here's the other thing thatthe viewers right not know.

Me and Kevin Hart here startedat the same comedy club

in Philly---Yes we did.

-Yes we did.Yes we did.

-Called the LaffHouse on South Street.

So I don't-- dude, I swearto god it's so long again.

I can't remember if itwas the week you started--

because you starteda week before me.

-Yes I did.

-When a guy pulleda gun on a table--

it was a BlazingThursday Open Mic.

And a dude laid agun on the table

and said, you better be funny.

Were you there for that?

Do you remember?

-I wasn't there for that,but I heard the story,

because it becamea legendary story.

And we all laughed.

And we was like, why doesall the crazy violence

always happen to the black guy?

-The guy was-- yeah.

The guy was [inaudible]a friend of a comic.

That's how scaryPhilly is, by the way,

if you wonder ifit's a scary place.

Like, nobody thinks morethan five minutes ahead.

So it's not like you just be abig dude and they're like oh, I


People will go get a gun andlike bring it to a comedy show.

-There's actually beentimes where I've had friends

that I've askedto bring the gun,

just to-- not for me, but justto, you know, escalate things

and make me lookthat much better.

That way I can the guy, yo, man.

Get the gun off the[inaudible] table.

Then, dude put it up.

And everybody, oh, Kev ishard [inaudible] around here.

But I'm not, I justknow that's pretty

much what it bailed out to.-Now you're in movies, dude.


-You got the number one.

-"Seriously Funny."

-You beat Dunham.

-Hey, listen.

If you guys don't haveit, you have to get it.

It's very, very big right now.

Uh, it's number one oniTunes, Amazon, Netflix.

Walmart, Best Buy,Target, go get it.

You need it in your life.

I don't care what you have todo to go get it, but do it.

Support it, man.

And uh, "Laugh at myPain" is coming soon.

Uh, "Little Fockers," sequelto "Meet the Fockers,"

that will be out in December.

I'm in that.

Uh--Jesus Christ, man.

-Another movie called"35 and Ticking."

Another movie called "Let Go."

Uh, also I havea Jordan campaign

that's running right nowwith me and Dwayne Wade.

Um, what else, man?

Hopefully, TV show comingsoon to Comedy Central.

Fingers crossed one that.

Besides that, hustling,doing what I do best.

And that's makingpeople laugh, Kurt.

-All right.

Well, I'm doinginterviews for a website.

So we both got things going on.

It's definitelyprogressed for us.

-We both are [inaudible].

Keeping productive iswhat we're doing, man.

-I got the cartoon voice.

But Jesus Christ, dude.

-Yeah, that's still good.

-Well, because here'sthe thing with Kev.

I got to credit Kev.

When we are all in this club,this crappy club on South

Street, Kevin's the firstone that got the hell out.

Like, we were allhanging out, like I

don't want to go to New York.

And we're like, where's Kev?

-Where's Kev?

Why you going to New York?

-Kev got advice,like, you should

get the hell out of here.We're like, shut up, Kevin.

Who's [inaudible].


Hey, you know what?

You-- you take what you can.

And you, uh, you takewhatever information you get.

And you got two decisions.

You can either-- youcan either follow it

or you can decline it.

I chose to follow it andgood things came from it.

But the good thing aboutme, Kurt, I haven't changed.

I'm still the same Kev.

-He is the same Kev, yeah.

-Minus the money andgood-looking woman in my life.

And, uh, you know, privatejets here and there.

And sometimes, you know,taking my kids to Africa just

to see a tiger andcoming right back home.

You know, thingsare still the same.

-What are you-- is thathow you intimidate?

Because they're like the samesize as you, aren't they?

-My kids?



I mean, here or there.

It's not really--it's really pretty

much about theparenting relationship.

I don't really think heighthas anything to do with my job

as a father.

You know?

They still know thatI'm older and I'm dad.

But my kids definitelygrew a little

faster than Ithought they would.

It's definitely for a time.

"Laugh at my Pain" tour.

Go to my website,khartonline.com.

See if I'm comingto a city near you.

Also, follow me on Twitter,Kevin Hart the number

4, the word "real."


I'm at like 650,000people right now.

Be a part of my family.


Join my fan page.

Facebook.com hart/kevin.

I'm at like 2 millionpeople on that one.

So come on, join my family, man.

I'm almost 3 millionpeople on the web.

I need to get to 5.

Do it, join.

Oh my god, this is crazy.

-Holy [inaudible], dude.

-That's how youplug stuff, Kurt.

-Well, I don't know howto do that, obviously.

That's why I'm holdingthis end of the mic.

All right, Kevin Hart.

Thanks a lot, brother.

-Thank you, Kurt.

Appreciate you, man.