Uncensored - Jermaine Fowler - Worst Prank Ever

Joe DeRosa, Jermaine Fowler, Jay Oakerson Season 1, Ep 1 04/13/2014 Views: 4,185

Jermaine Fowler pulls a prank on his friend but fails to consider the consequences. (1:21)


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I got it,I got it.

You're gonna fuck it up,I know you're gonna fuck it up.

(Dave)I'm not--I'm good.

He's gonnafuck it up.

Hyattsville, Maryland.

Keep it goingfor Jermaine Fowler.

(cheering and applause)

Thanks, Dave.

I think I havebad karma.

I used to play prankson my friends a lot, right?

This is the worst prankI've ever done.

When I was 19, I was drivingback home from a show in D.C.,

right, and I was inthe passenger seat of this car

and my friend Will was drivingthe car, right?

And he's a comedian--He's also white.

So, the car stopsat a red light, right?

And I see a group of black dudesabout to cross the street,

so I was like, "Oh...

Oh, this isgonna be funny."

So I rolled the window downand I yelled out, "Hey!

Cross the streetfaster, you monkeys!"

And I ducked my head--I ducked my head.


Oh, it was--it was good.

It was perfect, man.

Will was like,"Oh, why you say that?

Why you say that, Jermaine?"

I'm like, "Shut up, I'm havinga good time, this is hilarious,

We having a good time."

So I thought the dudesalready walked away

and I picked my headback up, but they were still

in the middle ofthe street

and one of the dudeslooked at me like, "What?


'Cause it looked like I wassucking this racist dude's dick.

That's what itlooked like.

(laughing)And his--

And his eyes, he's like,this nigga's progressive.