Uncensored - Sheng Wang - Blocking an Ambulance

South Beach Comedy Festival 2011 Season 1, Ep 5 03/09/2011 Views: 3,083

The word "ambulance" is written backwards on the front of every ambulance for a reason. (1:39)

[music playing]

-You guys know that onthe front of an ambulance,

the word ambulanceis written backwards.


See, the reflection in your rearview mirror, it reads forward.

That's a neat-- that'sa very nifty idea.

It's a good idea in caseyou ever happen to be doing

an excellent job of blockinga freakin' ambulance

and you still needmore information.

You're not clearwhat is happening.

You're-- you're in your car.

You're kind ofconfused You're like,

man, what's going on outside?

It's so loud.

It's bright as shit.

I better slow downand read the hood.

Let's take a look at thebottom of this situation.


Yo, this ice creamtruck is over the top.


I don't know whatflavor that is.

Sounds delicious.

It's a good idea.

When I was-- when Iwas on the highway,

I saw-- I saw a sign,falling rocks ahead.

You guys ever see that?

Falling rocks ahead.


It's kind of informative,but it's not really.

It's definitely not comforting.

You know what I mean.

Like, if I'm on thehighway, 70 miles an hour,

a rock hits my vehicle,I'm going to freak out.

I will be startled.

No matter what, I'm notgoing to recall the sign

and be like, oh yeah.

I did read about thiscrazy ass booby trap.

This is normal.

I mean the sign couldjust say, you know what?

Shit happens.

Next 20 miles, good luck.

[audience laughs]