Galentine's Day

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Christine gets a little intense when she tries to wrangle some lady friends for her Galentine's Day celebration. (3:01)

- Thank you for spendingGalentine's Day with me.

I don't know why but it's so hard for me

to make female friends.

- Why do you suddenly need female friends?

I thought you werespending Valentine's Day

with Nick tonight?

- No, I told Nick Valentine's Day is just a holiday

invented by greeting card companies

in order to make money and I refuse to participate in that.

Galentine's Day is all about celebrating female friendship,

which is awesome.

Nick was totally chilled about it.

- You got ghosted.

- Yeah, I haven't seen him in six weeks.


(heavy pop music)

- Just go talk to them.

- It's not that easy to just make friends.

You have to have something in common.

You need to really connect.

- Maybe you shouldn't try so hard.

- What is that supposed to mean?

- I mean, once you meeta potential bestie,

you can be a little intense.

(phone rings)

- Oh my God, same ringtone!

- Yeah, I love this song.

- Me too.

I bet my Mom's calling you right now, huh?

Is that what's happening?

- Uh-oh, Christine, don't, just stay, please.

(dramatic music)

- Target acquired!

(robotic noises)

Cute shoes.

I am also a size six.

- Are you okay?

- Want to trade?

(chair breaking)

- Christine, you'redoing that thing again.

- Not now, gay friend.

(robotic noises)

Karaoke. (loud beats)

- Frank, Frank, please help?

- What's happening? - Please help?

(laser blast)

- Frank, Frank!

What did you do?

- No boys allowed. (silly laugh)

Let's go back to my place.

I have Pinot Noir.

- We have to get out of here. (chilled jazz music)

- I know, I'm so scared but I kind of feel bad for her.

- Cookies almost ready.(intense beats)

I love Galentine's Day.(robotic noises)

- I don't want to be rude. (chilled music)

Maybe we could just have one cookie?

- She baked them with a blowtorch!

- Maybe we could stay for an hour,

we could have a glass of wine

and then we can leave.

- That sounds reasonable.

- Stop trying to be polite!

None of us is leaving here alone.

We have to get out of here before she kills us.

Someone distract her.

- I'm not good with confrontation.

- I'm a pushover.

- Great, then you go do it.

- No, but I-- - I said you do it!

- Um, Christine?

- What up, girlfriend?

Need a refill?(robotic noises)

(dramatic music)

- Thank you.

(loud thud)(robotic noises)

- What's wrong?

- I just remembered my boyfriend turned into dust.

- Oh, jerk!

- You deserve better.